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What we do

We focus on collaboration with our clients, our supply chain partners and our peers to share learning and experience, as well as to support the creation, development and implementation of new ideas and innovations in a world where technology is transforming the way we plan, travel and experience journeys.

We handle everything from the planning, programming and delivery of major road schemes to routine maintenance and operation. We focus on research and collaboration with stakeholders to find innovative solutions which will improve our roads and make a positive impact on local communities.

We work with our partners to deliver on time, quality and cost while leaving a lasting impact on the wider community.

Our approach
Whatever the project, sector or client, we approach it in the same way. We look to bring our specialist knowledge, experience and fresh thinking to create workable solution in everything we do, whilst delivering social value for local communities

We are a business with local passion and national reach. In each community, we leave what we call positive footprints by operating in a way which adds financial and non-financial value to the local economy, to society and the environment. This is not a new approach for Kier, but a way of working we have developed over time. Put simply, the principles of creating positive social value are an important part of Tokay Solutions make up, our operations and people.

Tokay Solutions is a powerful partner and ensures projects are completed on time and budget. Whether your need is for highly niche roles or a full project team, Tokay will successfully coordinate the best solution for your requirements.

Our clients include consultants, local governments contractors and government bodies. Projects carried out include rehabilitation of roads and drainages at Mainland Local Government. Our Local Government customers range from Mainland Local Government to Yaba LCDA to Ikeja Local Govt. We routinely handle earthworks and road works as part of both framework and ‘one-off’ projects. Our priorities are safety, efficiency and customer-focus.